Best Business Mobile Phone Contracts

Hurricane Communications knows how to find the best business mobile phone contracts for any size of business. Whether you’re a sole trader or responsible for the contracts of hundreds of employees, we can help you cut your costs by working with the most popular networks on your behalf. Some of our clients have saved as much as 30–40% by letting us negotiate their new arrangements. 
And how do we do this?
  • We analyse thoroughly your company’s current mobile phone contract
  • We discuss with you the types of work your employees do as well as what you feel you need your phones for
  • We always keep in mind the principle of ‘need’ rather than ‘want’
During our review we keep things simple by concentrating not on what a particular phone does, but what you need it to do! The shiny new smartphones might look great, but they may not be the best option for your business needs, never mind your budget.
It might even be that case that not all your employees need the same phones. For instance:
  • On-site or farming staff might need more durable phones to withstand difficult working conditions
  • Employees who travel out of the country regularly might need the functionality of a Blackberry or smartphone to keep them working whilst on the move. 
It’s also important to remember that the cheapest business mobile phone contracts aren’t necessarily the best for you. Mobile coverage can be patchy, especially in rural areas. To make sure you are covered, we always provide test phones and SIMS for you to check which network gives you the best coverage for your working area. When you’re happy that you’ve tested them all out and chosen a network, we then work out tariffs and packages tailored to your exact needs. 
As an additional service, our clients can also make use of our free monthly health checks. By providing us with a copy of your bill:
  • We can analyse your actual usage and make sure your new tariff is working for you
  • We can take advantage of any new tariffs that might have appeared
  • We can also provide information along the way on upgrades, new connections and porting.

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